autoupdate confusion?

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Sat Nov 1 17:33:41 GMT 2003

At 16:38 01/11/2003, you wrote:
>I studied update_virus_scanners as a possible undocumented? solution but it
>has a number of problems:
>1. It expects virus_scanners.conf to have three fields; the one in my
>distribution has only two.  Without the PACKAGEDIR field, it will do
>nothing as written.
>2. If the PACKAGEDIR field is present, the x$1 test in the clamav-wrapper
>program will fail as $1 is passed as PACKAGEDIR, not -IsItInstalled.
>These are easy enough to fix for a shell hacker and even easier to just run
>the freshclam wrapper directly, however, my question was really about
>documentation of the intended operation.

You have files out of sync using different versions for different files.
Your need to use matching versions of the -wrapper scripts, the -autoupdate
scripts and virus.scanners.conf.

Mix and match versions and all sorts of nasty things will happen, for which
I take no responsibility whatsoever.
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