virus from '' not blocked?

Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Tue May 27 21:39:19 IST 2003

We have been bombarded with support at viruses too, however
nothing has slipped through. I am using f-prot.

Also I don't whitelist


Remco Barendse <mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO>
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05/27/2003 04:36 PM
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        Subject:        virus from 'support at' not blocked?

I have just received the virus that claims to be from
support at

The weird thing it, it isn't filtered at all.

The attachment:
 All information is in the attached file.
    [ Part 2, Application/OCTET-STREAM (Name: "movie28.pif")  73KB. ]
    [ Cannot display this part. Press "V" then "S" to save in a file. ]

was not blocked alothough .pif is in my blacklisted file list and mcafee
didn't seem to have any problem with it either!!

Anyone else having these problems??

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