ANNOUNCE: MailScanner Monitor (msmon) 0.08

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Tue May 27 21:39:50 IST 2003

Attached find - the MailScanner Monitor version 0.08.  MailScanner
Monitor is a simple program that I created that will monitor the output of
MailScanner logs.  It is a real time monitor, and will give the status of
each MailScanner process.  It is written in perl and uses the Gtk perl
module.  I originally wrote it to get a better idea of what MailScanner was
doing, since watching the log file got too complicated with multiple

Changes since version 0.05:

*  New layout
*  Keep track of more statistics, their max vales, and the time the max
value occurred
*  Change color for processes that are scanning for spam or viruses
*  Added button to reset all statistics
*  Added quit button
*  Misc bug fixes and other small changes

msmon works for my MailScanner setup (Exim, Debian (Woody), MailScanner
4.12).  You should be able to get it to work with your setup with some minor
changes to variables at the top of the script (please check them before
running the script).  I hope someone else may find this useful.

Contributions and comments are welcome.


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