Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue May 27 11:20:24 IST 2003

At 18:47 26/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>I'm trying to expand a little the SQL logging routines (actually, I'm just
>doing text logging, but anyway, I stole the SQL loggin code and I'm modifying
>The reports included there are only the native MailScanner reports extracted
>from %{$message->{allreports}}.
>I want to include the AntiVirus reports but %{$message->{virusreports}} seems
>to be completely empty. I get the av reports in my syslog, so it is actually
>running, but for some reason, when I get there (in "Always Looked Up Last")
>the hash is empty...
>Any thoughts?

Assuming the SQL logging code is not completely broken (I'm fairly sure
someone would have said...) then I've no great ideas. Are you extracting
information from that hash in the correct way?
Julian Field
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