Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Wed May 28 20:58:00 IST 2003

El 27 May 2003 a las 11:20, Julian Field escribió:

> At 18:47 26/05/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi Julian,
> >
> >I'm trying to expand a little the SQL logging routines (actually, I'm just
> >doing text logging, but anyway, I stole the SQL loggin code and I'm modifying
> >it).
> >
> >The reports included there are only the native MailScanner reports extracted
> >from %{$message->{allreports}}.
> >
> >I want to include the AntiVirus reports but %{$message->{virusreports}} seems
> >to be completely empty. I get the av reports in my syslog, so it is actually
> >running, but for some reason, when I get there (in "Always Looked Up Last")
> >the hash is empty...
> >
> >Any thoughts?
> Assuming the SQL logging code is not completely broken (I'm fairly sure
> someone would have said...) then I've no great ideas. Are you extracting
> information from that hash in the correct way?
Mmhhh... SQL logging seems quite plain.

I keep browsing the code and MailScanner::Message::CombineReports _does_ 
include $message->{virusreports} into $message->{allreports}, so everything 
_should_ have been there from the start...

OTOH MailScanner::MessageBatch::DisinfectAndDeliver seems to clean 
$message->{virusreports} and put it in $message->{oldviruses}...

Let's see $batch->LastLookup() is called _after_ 
$batch->DisinfectAndDeliver() so this may be a cause (I'm just deleting 
messages with viruses)... however, I tried to use at $message->{oldviruses} 
and it is also empty...

Maybe it has something to do with the McAfee parser and the way the keys to 
the hashes are working in MailScanner::SweepViruses::MergeReports(), I 

MailScanner::SweepViruses seems to fall above my (poor) code following 
skills... maybe I'll fill up the whole thing with MailScanner::Log::InfoLog() 
and see what is going on out there... I guess I'll have to use Data::Dumper 
to see the hashes... :-(

Mariano Absatz
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