Eicar.zip not detected + performance stats

Brad Patterson bradley at BRADPATTERSON.COM
Tue May 27 19:21:01 IST 2003

On 5/27/03 12:57, "Peter Bonivart" <peter at UCGBOOK.COM> wrote:

> actual virus. When I tested with eicar.com in a zip-file it just slipped
> through undetected. Zip's are allowed but shouldn't it have been scanned
> and detected as the Eicar file? Should I be worried? I use an up to date
> ClamAV. It detects the "virus" if I scan the eicar.zip manually.

The latest "stable" ClamAV build, version 0.54, does not scan zip files.
The newer "snapshots" do have this ability.  I have been successfully using
the snapshots for several months.  The newest is 20030522  at

You'll also need zlib installed if you don't have it already.

Hope this helps.

Brad Patterson

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