sophoswrappers problem

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed May 21 12:35:48 IST 2003

Alisdair Davey wrote:
> I just "fixed" this on one Linux system running MailScanner 3.12 +
> Sophos 3.68. [This despite the fact it works perfectly on other
> systems.] To make it work you can comment out the definition of SAV_IDE
> in the sophoswrapper startup script. Whether SAV_IDE is meant to point
> to the IDE directory is debatable. Or you can make SAV_IDE the same as
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH. However sweep will not load any IDE files. Use the
> -idedir= option of sweep to specify the path to the IDE files. Then it
> it will work as before.
> This problem I think surfaced with the update to 3.68. The definition of
> SAV_IDE pointing to the lib and not the ide directory in the Sophos tree
> is consistent with the unix installation documentation (dated 2001).

The sophoswrapper and (recent versions of) auto-update scripts work fine
*as long as* you use the Sophos.install script supplied with
MailScanner. If you install Sophos by just running their install script
then the associated scripts won't work. Julian adjusted the default
locations of some stuff, presumably to simplify/make safer the
auto-updating. That's why you must use Sophos.install and why the ide's
are in a separate directory which is not the Sophos standard.



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