OT: virtual mailsdomains

Stephen Lee splee at PLEXIO.COM
Tue May 20 00:29:53 IST 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 14:12, Michael Svendsen wrote:
> Hi again
> I've always been using Sendmail + WUimapd as a Mailserver solution.
> But, as you may know, Sendmail/WUimapd doesn't support virtual domains
> directly.
> Ex:     user01 at domain01.com is the same user as user01 at domain02.com
> So I'm thinking of switching to another MTA - or switch to another pop3/imap
> server which supports virtusertable-lookup.
> Ex:
> A user has to fetch mail as the user 'user01 at domain01.com' not just 'user01'
> Any experiences / recommandations?

I _think_ Sendmail can do this but having used Exim for the past 2 years
I haven't looked back ;-)

If you are dead set on looking for a new mta then try Exim4 with
Courier-IMAP. I recently set one up with MailScanner/Spamassassin and
the whole thing works really well. The only beef I have is that adding
virtual accounts for Courier-IMAP is laborious. There doesn't seem to be
a script that works with Exim/Courier-IMAP to add virutal
accounts...suppose I'll have to hack one together for userdb files.


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