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Stephen Swaney Steve at swaney.com
Mon May 19 22:22:19 IST 2003

I believe sendmail does support virtual domains. Check out the
virtualusertable feature in the sendmail.cf documentation:

virtusertable   A domain-specific form of aliasing, allowing multiple
                virtual domains to be hosted on one machine.  For
                if the virtuser table contained:

                        info at foo.com    foo-info
                        info at bar.com    bar-info
                        joe at bar.com     error:nouser 550 No such user
                        jax at bar.com     error:5.7.0:550 Address invalid
                        @baz.org        jane at example.net

                then mail addressed to info at foo.com will be sent to the
                address foo-info, mail addressed to info at bar.com will be
                delivered to bar-info, and mail addressed to anyone at
                will be sent to jane at example.net, mail to joe at bar.com
                be rejected with the specified error message, and mail
                jax at bar.com will also have a RFC 1893 compliant error

Hope this helps,

Steve Swaney
Steve at Swaney.com

On Mon, 2003-05-19 at 17:12, Michael Svendsen wrote:

> Hi again
> I've always been using Sendmail + WUimapd as a Mailserver solution.
> But, as you may know, Sendmail/WUimapd doesn't support virtual domains
> directly.
> Ex:     user01 at domain01.com is the same user as user01 at domain02.com
> So I'm thinking of switching to another MTA - or switch to another pop3/imap
> server which supports virtusertable-lookup.
> Ex:
> A user has to fetch mail as the user 'user01 at domain01.com' not just 'user01'
> Any experiences / recommandations?
> regards,
> Michael Svendsen
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