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Mon May 19 14:39:42 IST 2003

El 18 May 2003 a las 12:40, Julian Field escribió:

> In addition to a translation of the word
>          Report
Whereas Leo's translation last week "Reporte" is the most used in the 
computer world, it is not quite correct in Spanish... I think the most 
accurate translation for "Report" is "Informe" (noun).

> I am also now looking for translations of the following. This is put into
> an email message when the original (spam) message has been turned into an
> attachment:
> >Our MailScanner believes that the attachment to this message sent to you
> >
> >     From: $from
> >  Subject: $subject
> >
> >is Unsolicited Commerial Email (Spam). Unless you are sure that this message
> >is incorrectly thoght to be Spam, please delete this message without opening
> >it. Onpening Spam messages might allow the Spammer to verify your email
WARNING in previous line!!

> >address.
> >
> >If you believe that this message has been incorrectly marked a spam, please
> >forward this email to $localpostmaster.
I've been a little liberal and modified a little this last sentence to look 
something like: "..., please forward this email (including the attachment) to 
$localpostmaster." to remark that he/she is supposed to send the enclosing 
and the enclosed message (thus trying to defeat stupid mailers in hiding 
important info).

Nuestro MailScanner cree que el anexo a este mensaje que fuera enviado a Ud.

    De: $from
  Tema: $subject

Es un mensaje de correo comercial no solicitado (Spam). Por favor borre este 
mensaje sin abrirlo a menos de que este seguro de que la clasificación como 
Spam fue incorrecta. El sólo abrir un mensaje que es Spam podría permitir a 
quien lo envió verificar su dirección de correo electrónico.

Si usted cree que el mensaje anexo fue marcado como Spam incorrectamente, por 
favor reenvie (forward) este mensaje completo incluyendo el anexo a 
> Also, if there are any other variables you would like to be available in
> this report, please let me know now so we can get it right for your setup
> in the 1st version.
> Thanks folks!
> --
> Julian Field
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