Calling all translators (again)

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue May 20 10:39:09 IST 2003

Stijn Jonker wrote:
> Maybe there is an other option that you could include in the new version?
> I'm supporting a community where some people don't understand english and
> some don't understand dutch. They are all in the same domain. For this I
> created a new language en-nl directory.
> Is it possible to extend the template system to automaticly combine 2 or
> more languages? (This might lead to a seperate footer, it think.)

I had to produce bilingual messages (Welsh + English) and so created the
cy+en set of reports. I've attached an example - it was quite a bit of
work but just concatenating a set of reports may produce something which
is too long? Besides, concatenating the entries from several
languages.conf may be a problem?



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