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Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Tue May 13 00:40:49 IST 2003

How many MailScanner children are you running?  Are you running a local caching
nameserver on your mail server?


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What would be the process roadmap that occurs when both virus and spam checking
is enabled and we start to get build up of email in the dir.
When we turn off the spam checking the starts to clear out.  Turn Spam
checking back on system runs normal until something causes it to return to a
buildup in once again.  Could be days before we see this or hours
still looking for something in the log files to indicate reason but have yet to
see anything or any patterns.

Normal operation 100-200 messages in dir +or- 30%
When starts to build up I notice this from log
May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: New Batch: Found 500 messages waiting

May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: New Batch: Scanning 44 messages,
341312 bytes 
May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: Spam Checks: Starting 

New Batch will continue to increase scanning can jump around on messages maybe 9
or as above 44 no pattern

Using Sophos for virus protection using SpamAssassin with spam list ORDB-RBL
Infinite-Monkeys # MAPS-RBL+ costs money Sendmail calls this directly as we pay
for this service and is picked up on a secondary machine that gets updates from

Any ideas or is more information required, Julian you have already reviewed our
system and told us it was large enough to handle the email we have coming
through the system.  The temp disk suggestion that you gave me, did not work as
I currently do not have the ability to do that with the current kernel.  I will
have to try that but in the mean time I'm at a stand still on what is causing
this issue.

Thanks in advance

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