build up

Stephen Lane steve at INTELIPORT.COM
Tue May 13 02:21:08 IST 2003

Hi Mike,

Running 7 MailScanner children ( FYI - have played with this some seems to
work better when above 5 )
Processor(s) :  2
Model :  Pentium III (Coppermine)
Chip MHz :  866.274 Mhz
Cache :  256 KB
System BogoMips :  3460.3

No local caching nameserver on mail server does lookups to secondary dns
first then primary second this is becuase we set secondary to retrieve
MAPS-RBL+ updates

Resolution order is Hosts, DNS, NIS, NIS+
Search Domains - None

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Subject: Re: build up

> How many MailScanner children are you running?  Are you running a local
> nameserver on your mail server?
> Mike
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> Subject: build up
> Julian,
> What would be the process roadmap that occurs when both virus and spam
> is enabled and we start to get build up of email in the dir.
> When we turn off the spam checking the starts to clear out.
Turn Spam
> checking back on system runs normal until something causes it to return to
> buildup in once again.  Could be days before we see this or
> still looking for something in the log files to indicate reason but have
yet to
> see anything or any patterns.
> Normal operation 100-200 messages in dir +or- 30%
> When starts to build up I notice this from log
> May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: New Batch: Found 500 messages
> May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: New Batch: Scanning 44
> 341312 bytes
> May 12 16:03:45 postman MailScanner[8224]: Spam Checks: Starting
> New Batch will continue to increase scanning can jump around on messages
maybe 9
> or as above 44 no pattern
> Using Sophos for virus protection using SpamAssassin with spam list
> Infinite-Monkeys # MAPS-RBL+ costs money Sendmail calls this directly as
we pay
> for this service and is picked up on a secondary machine that gets updates
> Any ideas or is more information required, Julian you have already
reviewed our
> system and told us it was large enough to handle the email we have coming
> through the system.  The temp disk suggestion that you gave me, did not
work as
> I currently do not have the ability to do that with the current kernel.  I
> have to try that but in the mean time I'm at a stand still on what is
> this issue.
> Thanks in advance
> Steve

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