Spammers circumvent MS

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At 16:48 12/05/2003, you wrote:
>What I am looking for is a way to delete high scoring spam even if the local
>user is whitelisted.
>Is this possible?

No, sorry. This rather defeats the whitelist. The other thing you could do
is implement the whitelist yourself in a Custom Function attached to the
"Spam Actions" option instead of using the supplied "Is Definitely Not
Spam" option. The "Spam Actions" could deliver the message if it is in your

>Derrick Georgiades
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> >If I was an intelligent SPAMMER *laugh*, I could just run the SPAM I
> >intended to send out thru MailScanner w/ SA and make sure that
> >it scored low enough to get thru and if it didn't, then modify it till it
> >did.  This is likely why a lot of the SPAM recently seems
> >to be going more towards the plain text side with a simple web link.  That
> >makes me think, maybe there needs to be a new BL that has
> >domains/IPs/IP ranges/URLs in it and matches them if in e-mails, I'm not
> >aware of anything that does this now.
>This is what people like Spamhaus try to do. They target known spammers
>rather than open relays.
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