Encrypting Email

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon May 12 18:27:16 IST 2003

Has anyone implemented a system to encrypt emails using GPG or something
at the MTA?

I don't think thats half as easy as it sounds.  The biggest problem
would be getting the public keys for all recipients (although there are
the key servers...).  Its also likely to be computationally expensive if
you want to do it for all mail (assuming all your recipients have a gpg
key - which is frankly unlikely).  Not to mention the bandwidth cost of
having to send separately encrypted mails to each recipient (assuming my
understanding is correct on that one).

Digital signatures might be a more realistic prospect, but there are
very good reasons why this should not be done at the MTA.

Did you have a particular reason for wanting this?

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