Richard Ibbotson richard at SHEFLUG.CO.UK
Sun May 11 14:40:56 IST 2003


Well, most things are working I think.  Just a few niggly problems
left.  After re-starting MailScanner I now find the following error
message in /var/log/mail...

May 11 14:35:05  MailScanner[10565]: Using locktype = flock
May 11 14:35:14  MailScanner[10566]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus
Scanner version 4.20-3 starting...
May 11 14:35:14  MailScanner[10566]: User's home directory
/var/spool/postfix is not writable
May 11 14:35:14  MailScanner[10566]: You need to set the
"SpamAssassin User State Dir" to a directory that the "Run As User"
can write to

Would anyone like to point me in the direction of sorting these out ?
The postfix not writable problem is something that I'm really not sure



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