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Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Fri Jun 27 12:05:12 IST 2003

Francois Caen wrote:
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 >> François' translation is good but it lacks the accents:
 > True. I use a qwerty keyboard. The internet is an international and
 > mostly english-speaking world. I think accents are obsolete. They
 > also turn into weird characters or codes with some software.

[Try to keep things MailScanner general rather than French specific]

Our site has encountered a Mail server which refused to accept e-mails 
with accented characters in the headers - it looked like it would only 
accept 7-bit stuff. Perhaps we(/Julian) should distinguish between 
international text going in headers and that which appears in the body 
of messages. The stuff in headers is perhaps more likely to be read by 
less people and thus losing the accents wouldn't matter as much as 
leaving out accents from the bits which the punters see?

[Note for the curious - our texts are bilingual - Welsh and English - 
and Welsh has accents. (Mainly ^ but it can be used on y and w which is 
a real headache!)]

Has anyone else seen a mail server which choked on an 8-bit header or 
was this really a one-off?



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