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Le mer 25/06/2003 à 11:38, Francois Caen a écrit :
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> > François' translation is good but it lacks the accents:
> True. I use a qwerty keyboard. The internet is an international and mostly english-speaking world. I think accents are obsolete. They also turn into weird characters or codes with some software.

Well, reading French without accents can be quite difficult and result
in big errors...

> > Formulaire HTML détecté dans ce courriel
> Arg! "Courriel"! That's so cheesy :-)
> I'm not a big fan of these fake French words designed to replace English technical terms. Like "'emèle", "cédérom",...

Courriel comes from the words courrier and électronique.  I like it much
more than mél but I agree that cédérom and the like are pretty bad.

Same thing for polluriel and pourriel (spam).  Most people use pourriel
but I prefer polluriel so my MS translations use it! 8-)

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