MailScanner issue with postfix

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jun 26 14:40:38 IST 2003

At 11:47 26/06/2003, you wrote:
>Hello all...
> >The MailScanner doesn't take any mails from /var/
> >your configuration seems to be the same as my.
> >I've no idea what to do.
>Apologies for not necessarily having an answer, but I note that various
>people here talking about Postfix and MS are running quite old versions
>(one a 1999 snapshot), and also Postfix 1.x...
>I'm running (now in production) fine with Postfix 2.x and MS. although I
>must admit I'm using a weird tweak of header_checks and HOLD than the two
>queue directories generally suggested...
>I presume that all the people with problems are seeing the mail enter
>correctly into the 'deferred' directory? If so, it would then imply that
>MS just doesn't recognise their format before moving them to 'incoming' to
>scan... ?

If you are using Postfix 1, you should see a comment in your logs about the
Postfix queue directory depth being 2, which is it working out where to
collect messages from. It should work with Postfix 1 and 2.
Julian Field
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