MS and ClamAV

Gerry Doris gerry at
Tue Jun 24 19:04:25 IST 2003

> Rebooting is the Microsoft way of dealing with problems, usually means
> you're clueless. :) Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)
> If you think you have a problem you can't just wait for it to happen.
> Please test with as earlier posts have suggested. If you don't
> know it's a test file for virus scanners and can be found on:
> Run it like this first:
> # clamscan
> Eicar-Test-Signature FOUND

I tried to send the gz package of ClamAV .60 to my home server this
morning from work.  The older version of ClamAV flagged the ClamAV test
file as a virus and yanked the gz file.

Looks like just sending the package through your server is enough to
trigger ClamAV if it's working!


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