Mail processing from CustomConfig

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jun 18 16:35:23 IST 2003

What sort of processing are you trying to do? Alter the message, extract
some more logging information about the message or what? If you make Non
Spam Actions return the value "deliver" then the message will indeed be
delivered as normal.

If you have changed the attachments by that time, then be sure to set
$message->{bodymodified} = 1 otherwise it will deliver exactly the same
message body it received.

At 15:54 18/06/2003, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I would like to do some additional processing of mail via
>code in  I have specified the function
>name in MailScanner.conf for Non Spam Actions and
>the function gets called but I have no clue on how to
>actually continue the processing (i.e., 'deliver') the mail
>after I have munged it.  Can anyone shed some light?
>I am not a perl fact have avoided learning
>it but I suspect it's time to bite the bullet.  I know it's
>going to be something quite simple but it'd take me days
>to figure it out and I'm sure someone on this list can
>give me a clue!
>Thanks in advance.

Julian Field
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