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Wed Jun 18 21:45:25 IST 2003


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Actually, what I am attempting to do is a proof of concept for permission
based white listing on a per user basis.  I.e, if the mail gets to Non Spam
then MailScanner (and spamassassin, DCC, razor2) thinks it's ham.  This
better than 99% of the spam but there are those users that simple want
So, in order to occomodate them I'd like to implement a mechanism to where I
store the message in a data store, send a "reply to this" tagged email to
the sender
and when I get a reply back (if I do) then put the mail back into the loop
to be
delivered.  There are products out there (TDMA comes to mind) that do this
but I *like* MailScanner and want to provide the permission stuff only for
users that want it.  I have no idea if I can accomplish this within the
confines of
the code as I refuse to touch anything else.

So the real question is can I do this?  I don't want to waste my time (or
the good
folks on this list's time) if it is not feasible.



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> What sort of processing are you trying to do? Alter the message, extract
> some more logging information about the message or what? If you make Non
> Spam Actions return the value "deliver" then the message will indeed be
> delivered as normal.
> If you have changed the attachments by that time, then be sure to set
> $message->{bodymodified} = 1 otherwise it will deliver exactly the same
> message body it received.
> At 15:54 18/06/2003, you wrote:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I would like to do some additional processing of mail via
> >code in  I have specified the function
> >name in MailScanner.conf for Non Spam Actions and
> >the function gets called but I have no clue on how to
> >actually continue the processing (i.e., 'deliver') the mail
> >after I have munged it.  Can anyone shed some light?
> >I am not a perl fact have avoided learning
> >it but I suspect it's time to bite the bullet.  I know it's
> >going to be something quite simple but it'd take me days
> >to figure it out and I'm sure someone on this list can
> >give me a clue!
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
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