OT: Sendmail & Vacation Auto-Responder

Adam Polkosnik ap at HPI.COM
Sat Jun 14 01:20:22 IST 2003

There's  something quite powerfull that your users can configure from a
squirrel-mail (webmail client) plugin, if you have a cyrus-imapd with
timsieved (server side sieve scripting) working properly...
(hint: sendmail calls deliver with improper parameters causing bogus
return-path being added on to headers)

Nathan Johanson wrote:

>Off topic, but was hoping I could pick the brains of some of you
>Sendmail gurus...
>While I'm not particularly excited about it, a few of our clients want
>to use vacation auto-responders for email. I did a little research and
>discovered two different options:
>- Sendmail's vacation program
>- Procmail recipe
>Question: Which option is the most secure and least obtrusive? I'm
>leaning toward the Sendmail vacation program, but it doesn't look like
>RedHat includes it in their Sendmail RPM distribution (oddly enough). It
>is included in the Sendmail source, however. I also found a "port of the
>386bsd vacation program" at http://sourceforge.net/projects/vacation/ (v
>, but don't know whether I should trust it as there's no md5sum
>or similar integrity check. I wonder, would it work if I simply
>downloaded the Sendmail source (corresponding to my version), compiled
>just the vacation utility, and manually dropped it into /sbin?
>Or should I chuck the vacation idea, and go with the procmail method? Or
>maybe there's some other way to accomplish this?
>Thanks in advance.
>Nathan Johanson
>Email: nathan at tcpnetworks.net

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