Possible to have MailScanner use SA database?

Forrest Aldrich forrie at FORRIE.COM
Wed Jun 11 04:50:03 IST 2003

I've not used Webmin before, but I downloaded the Webmin MailScanner module
(which is really a tar archive) and looked at it.

It's a bunch of *.cgi scripts (perl, etc) -- so it could probably be easily
broken down (with enough time and patience) to be a more generalized

I personally would like to see something done in PHP - both for managing
the server configurations and for individual users.


At 09:26 PM 6/10/2003, Ryan Bingham wrote:
> > Do you know if it's possible to have a web interface so that users can
> > add things to their own whitelist?
> >
> > Jody
>Hi Jody,
>There's been some talk on the list about this recently; I double-checked the
>archives and found some references to Webmin for MailScanner.  Here's the
>MailScanner Webmin homepage:
>It looks like by default it's meant to administer global MailScanner
>settings, but one archive thread mentions being able to assign users in
>Webmin and letting them edit their own whitelist and blacklist rules.
>I've never used Webmin, though, so I'll shut up and invite other more
>knowledgeable people to jump in at this point.
>Hope that at least gets you started.

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