Smooth upgrade to 4.21-9

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Fri Jun 6 18:09:38 IST 2003

At 16:40 06/06/2003, you wrote:
>I just want to thank Julian again for another great version of MS.


>I just upgraded our 2 servers and everything is just fine.
>I noticed new messages in my maillog:
>Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages
>Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Cannot match against destination 
>IP address when resolving configuration option "spamactions"
>Jun  6 11:28:32 smtp3 MailScanner[27147]: Spam Actions: message 
>h56FSUX31319 actions are xxx at,forward,deliver
>Can I do anything about the destination IP unresolved?  It used the
>default rule, which is what I expected.

You don't know the destination IP address until *after* you have actually 
delivered the message. It all depends on what MX hosts are available on the 
destination site. So you cannot match against it.

>BTW: I modified languages.conf:
>SATooLarge = Courriel =?ISO-8859-1?Q?d=E9passant?= la taille maximale
>Report = Analyse
>Denis Beauchemin, analyste
>Université de Sherbrooke, S.T.I.
>T: 819.821.8000x2252 F: 819.821.8045

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