MailScanner has taken over my computer (or so it seems)

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Tue Jun 3 22:51:10 IST 2003


I sent an email to the list a few hours ago but it's yet to come back to me so I'm sending it again. (I think the reason it hasn't come back is because the computer is so bogged down it cannot process the mails.)

Currently I've got about 200 emails in the queue waiting to be processed.

I've tried shutting down mailscanner, shutting down sendmail, as well as killing all sendmail/mailscanner processes. After everything has been killed and the box stops accessing the HD 30 seconds or so later all the processes start back up again and I'm back in h3ll fighting the MailScanner demon. (Not to say that MailScanner does not work well, but maybe on this computer it's too much for it and/or maybe I've got it configured wrong. [Likely.])

If you kind people could send all your replies to cparker at and not reply to this email address (as it will probably just sit in the queue) I would really appreciate it.

What I need to know is why the computer (for the past 3-4 hours) continuously accesses the harddrive until all mailscanner processes have been killed. As soon as I kill the last mailscanner process, the hard drive stop going nuts and things pretty much back to normal.

Thanks and I hope to hear from someone soon (at cparker at and not this email address).


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