Panda Software Command line update script from Panda support.

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Tue Jul 22 14:27:28 IST 2003

Well... AFAIK, Julian is on Vacation, I just translated the script... I 
didn't test it, since I don't have PAV, however, the only thing I did was to 
eliminate the Spanish strings (it tried to detect if your locale language was 
Spanish and use Spanish strings, otherwise, it would use English strings), 
and also changed the comments and variable and functions names so it is 

The script is somehow poor, but I think Julian or someone else could 
elaborate on it... e.g. wget could be searched for with "which", and there 
are lots of other stuff to enhance...

I'm attaching the modified script... the config file was already in English.

El 21 Jul 2003 a las 16:00, Hancock, Scott escribió:

> I was ready for a fight that never came.  I did threaten to cancel
> payment in the subject of my initial email.
> I didn't see Julian's <RANT> post until after I bought the software (in
> a bit of haste I might add).
> I'm really not qualified to write or mess with the MailScanner wrapper.
> I'm hoping some one could post an updated wrapper based on the tech
> support script.  An English version would be a bonus too. 
> If I remember the wrapper is necessary to pause the mailscanner while
> the sig files download and update.
> -Scott
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> So how did you manage to get a reply from them? What was your trick?
> (Thanks for the script!!)
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