Sophos issue?

Tim Tyler tyler at
Thu Jul 17 17:44:09 IST 2003

Ok, I have 10's of thousands of messages that go out in a
day on my student server.   I think it would be to my
advantage to have the savi perl module installed.  The steps
were going fine until I got to step 6 of the Perl SAVI
Module instructions:

Create a link so that "-lsavi" works:
[ -e /usr/local/Sophos/lib/ ] && ln -sf /usr/local/Sophos/lib/
[ -e /usr/local/Sophos/lib/ ] && ln -sf /usr/local/Sophos/lib/

I don't quite understand this step.  I am running on an
AIX5.1 system.  I don't have any* files laying
around anywhere.  Should I?  Should I skip this step?  Am I
missing libraries that I should have from Sophos?  Note: the
sophos/lib directory has libsavi.a and vdl.* files.  Can
someone clarify this step better to me? -thanks!


> Set the scanner to 'sophos' if you have just installed
> Sophos - this will then call the Sweep binary.
> If you find that the startup time for sweep is bogging
> your mail server down you can install the savi perl module
> (as described on the MailScanner website), this is a perl
> API that allows one to use the Sophos C libraries without
> having to run sweep.  Under this circumstance you should
> change virus scanners to sophossavi.
> The Sophos C libraries come with the command line scanner
> and there is n additional license, although you do have to
> install the perl module (which is not distributed by
> Sophos themselves).
> Unless you have performance issues its easier to stick
> with regular Sophos.
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