[Fwd: Re: Sophos issue?]

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu Jul 17 18:47:52 IST 2003

Sorry, I meant to post this to the list...

> From: Kevin Spicer <kevins at bmrb.co.uk>
> To: tyler at beloit.edu
> Subject: Re: Sophos issue?
> Date: 17 Jul 2003 18:39:41 +0100
> I don't quite understand this step.  I am running on an
> AIX5.1 system.  I don't have any libsavi.so* files laying
> around anywhere.  Should I?  Should I skip this step?  Am I
> missing libraries that I should have from Sophos?  Note: the
> sophos/lib directory has libsavi.a and vdl.* files.  Can
> someone clarify this step better to me? -thanks!
> You can't skip the step, however it doesn't look good as a .a file is a
> static library, not a shared library like a .so file.  So it looks like
> Sophos on AIX is statically linked.
> Maybe you could build the savi module statically linked - but this means
> you'll have to rebuild it every time you do an upgrade of Sophos to the
> latest version, you may well decide that isn't worth it.

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