MailScanner/Sendmail + Mailman?

Matt Laney mdlaney at
Thu Jul 17 15:30:19 IST 2003


> The README.SENDMAIL says to look at mm-handler.readme...

Ah--that's if you're using mm-handler as your local delivery agent
for mailman.  I'm not, and I happen to know nothing about it.

If you're also not using mm-handler, then the stuff you stuck in the
sendmail aliases file should help.  (Make sure to rebuild that with

> Did you have to modify the mailertable?

No, but I run my list processor on the same domain as the rest of
my stuff.  That is, I didn't add a subdomain just for Mailman.  In
my experience, adding extra mailertable entries for your own domains
doesn't really hurt, so I'd suggest trying it and, if you find later
that something else might have made it work, undo it to see if it's

> I can see what appears to be the outgoing messages stuck in
> /qfiles/virgin.

Sounds like the qrunner process isn't running.  Check the Mailman
documentation for some stuff to run from cron periodically.  You
can run it by hand, too, just to see if that's what's causing the

> I see nothing in /var/log/messages related to my mailman list.

I'd expect mail.log or sendmail.log to be more helpful:  that will show
if the mail was delivered to your Mailman setup or not.  For example:

        Jul 16 08:58:02 mybox sendmail[1242]: h6klaj025495:
        to="|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post big-list-l",
        ctladdr=<big-list-l at> (51/0), delay=00:00:04,
        xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=prog, pri=120787, dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent

This is where sendmail dropped a message on Mailman.  If that part is
happening, the problem isn't in the aliases and probably is in Mailman.

> I didn't see anything about changing the wrapper stuff. Maybe that's
> what I'm missing? Honestly not sure I understand what you said here:
> smrsh change (cd /usr/adm/sm.bin && ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper. ).
> Would I type that line exactly as you show in the ()?

Yep.  That's if you're using sendmail's restricted shell (smrsh):  it
needs symlinks in its directory, which might not be the one I mentioned,
before it'll run your wrapper program.  Sendmail will gripe fairly loudly
in the logs if that's not configured right, though.

If this doesn't help, let's take the conversation off the list for a bit
since it's pretty off-topic.  We can come back to present the solution.


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