Lindsay Snider lindsay at pa.net
Wed Jul 16 23:00:17 IST 2003

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 17:52, you wrote:
> I have the "SPAM lists to reach high score" setting set to 5.  My server

I would suggest picking a larger number then 5.  We have ours set to 7 and see 
little to no false positives.  If you want to be really safe, maybe try 10.

> only gets about 2000 messages a day, yet I have about 100 or so messages
> that were originally identified as SPAM.  Is there something I need to do
> here?  I have white listed these messages by their network IDs to prevent
> this in the future, but the false-positives are reflected as an important
> area of concern by my management due the fact alot of this information is
> directly tied to the company's revenue.
> Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you!!!

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