Where do I start debugging?

Furnish, Trever G TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM
Fri Jul 11 00:52:34 IST 2003

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>Subject: Re: Where do I start debugging?
>> Most troubling is that even though sendmail logs an entry
>> stating it handed
>> off the message, the message doesn't arrive.  Not even sure
>> how that could
>> be related to mailscanner...
>Which of the two sendmails? The inbound sendmail or the outbound one?
>How about a set of maillog lines showing complete processing of a
>piece of E-mail, from A to Z?
>Mike Andrews

Thanks - once I added deliver to the end of the actions, it's passing
messages through again.  Guess I should have done more than just skim the
old messages looking for this one.

I'm still a tad confused by the log entry made by sendmail though that
claims the message was delivered to the next mx server, but I'm going to
attribute that to confusion on my part and pretend it didn't happen unless I
bump into it again.


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