Does this mean something's broken?

Furnish, Trever G TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM
Fri Jul 11 00:43:18 IST 2003

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>From: Kevin Spicer [mailto:kevins at BMRB.CO.UK]
>Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 6:41 PM
>Subject: Re: Does this mean something's broken?
>I'm refering to the fact that the X-MailScanner header says "clean,
>even though the spamcheck header says "score=7.791, required 5.8".
>Found to be clean really means no virus (or virus like exploits etc.)
>found, nothing to do with spam.  The fact it says 'Found to be clean'
>twice suggests it has been through two mailscanners, it may
>well be that
>the spam header was added by the first MailScanner (not yours) and that
>one is not configured to add Spam to the subject.  IIRC 5.8 isn't the
>default score, so unless you've tweaked yours to this then it wasn't
>added by you.

Ah - that explains it then.  Someone from the list redirecting some spam
they've already caught.  I wondered about the 5.8 but I'd never have
realized that was the reason it was different.

Thanks again, Mr. Spicer.


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