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Thomas DuVally thomas_duvally at BROWN.EDU
Wed Jul 9 18:57:26 IST 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 11:48, Andrea Cogliati wrote:

> I simpy stop MailScanner, put a lot of mail messages (2.000, generated
> by postal)
> in, then start MailScanner and watch when is empty.
> 'top' shows high system load (over 7) and CPU usage (roughly 75% user
> and 25%
> system). Memory used is always below memory available and no swap is
> used.
> It seems CPU bound to me.

I've just upgraded one of my servers from 4-10 to 4-20-3.  One of the
things I noticed is that the size in mem of MailScanner has almost
double!  Is this reasonable?

I've got most of the stuff that causes delays off (RBLS) but its slower
and doesn't clear out the queues nearly as fast.  I have a set of
scripts that tell me how many messages are sitting in each area
(incoming,, mqueue, and old queues). 4-10 is MUCH faster.

Thomas J. DuVally
Lead Systems Prog.
CIS, Brown Univ.

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