MS Performance

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 9 18:59:01 IST 2003


> > How are you measuring performance?  Is 'top' of any help in showing
> > whether things are processor bound or memory bound or otherwise?

> I simpy stop MailScanner, put a lot of mail messages (2.000, generated
> by postal)
> in, then start MailScanner and watch when is empty.

Thats no real test. You mostly measure disk io. A real live server has a
LOT of connections normally (tcp) and also uses your ram as a filecache.
If you just beam in those messages from multiple targets it will most
likely show up different results.

> 'top' shows high system load (over 7) and CPU usage (roughly 75% user
> system). Memory used is always below memory available and no swap is
> used. It seems CPU bound to me.

No, i dont think so, i am allmost sure its io bound, not CPU. But i might
be wrong :)


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