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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Tue Jul 8 19:01:35 IST 2003

I'm still muddling over what antivirus to go with on my secondary server.
(F-prot is on my current server, but got to expensive!) I set up a
spreadsheet and grabbed the AV products web page on the MailScanner site and
am trying to get a "global view" of the diffenent products strengths &
weaknesses.  I'm looking at each one by one, and am on the Sophos web site,
but have a couple questions about it:

Approximate cost?  Didn't see that listed anywhere, though might have missed

It seems that they put out a new "version" monthly, or as needed.  The
MailScanner script (or at least the instructions on the MS web page for a
tarball install) indicate that a daily cron job can be used to update the
critter.  I have the impression though, that I'd still have to do a monthly
install of the new IDE files.  Is that correct?  Can it be set up so that it
takes care of itself for the duration of the license (i.e., a year or more)?
In the event of an outbreak I don't mind doing a manual pull, but I don't
want to make it a habit every month.

As always, thanks much.  More questions sure to follow...

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