Mailscanner + Postfix

Samuel Luxford-Watts slwatts at WINCKWORTHS.CO.UK
Tue Jul 8 16:58:00 IST 2003

Hi All,

Just been thinking about my test installation of postfix + MailScanner on
Suse 8.1. At the moment it is all working great after following the
instructions on the mailscanner website. Thanks Guys! However this
configuration is based on having postfix processes - one for receiving and
one sending with Mailscanner sat in the middle moving files (messages) back
and forth.

I am only a new person at this but on the face of it there would appear to
be two ways that my be better at doing this but I am not at all sure if they
would work with MailScanner.

1 is to use the 'content_filter=' directive in /etc/postfix/ I would
guess that this is a NO but thought I would ask!!

2. Would it be possible to adapt the process used for anomy as detailed on: ? .....creating a filter
script to move the files/invoke mailscanner and define this script as a new
service in /etc/postfix/

Or is the two process solution the best?


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