Spam Actions attachment mode and bayes learn

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Jul 7 21:10:49 IST 2003


>    I just upgraded from 4.21-9 to 4.22-5, and in the process I changed
> from "Spam Actions = deliver" to "Spam Actions = attachment".  Will
> this break my bayes learning on collected spam?  It seems like it
> would at first thought, or (worse) train the bayes engine to view any
> attachment as spam!!  Yikes!  Any thoughts on the interaction between
> this spam action and the bayes learning engine?

Dont think so, its only the method that changed, as far as i can see you
dont change anything in the rest of the process. Or did you use the new
settigns for SA perhaps so your bayesdb is located elsewhere now ?


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