razor log in postfix deferred directory?

John Wilcock john at TRADOC.FR
Mon Jul 7 13:04:14 IST 2003

I've recently added razor2 to my system - seems to be working fine,
headers show that it is being called by spamassassin and is detecting

However, I also note that it is creating a log file in
/var/spool/postfix.in/deferred/razor-agent.log (which is flagged every
time the incoming postfix is reloaded). 

I suspect that this is due to razor not reading its config file from
/root/.razor/ when called by spamassassin, but I can't work out where
it wants the config file to be. 
The razor manpages talk about /etc/razor/ which did not exist on my
system, but putting the files there didn't help. 
Postfix is running chrooted (redhat 9 setup) - I've even tried copying
the config files to /var/spool/postfix.in/etc/razor/ to no avail. 
Any ideas, anyone?


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