ANNOUNCE: Version 4.22-5 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jul 3 12:16:30 IST 2003

I have fixed the bug below, and I think it warrants another release as this
will have stopped everyone's RBL lists from working unless you convert them
all to lower-case.

The only other changes are
- improve the efficiency of the filetype checking
- add Tony Finch's improved mcafee-autoupdate script

Download from the usual place at

Sorry folks :-(

At 11:10 03/07/2003, you wrote:
> > Strange, RBL checks stopped happening.  Turning on some debug revealed
> > that none of the entries in the Spam Lists file (spam.lists.conf) were
> > being found due to case mismatch.  Changing everything in
> > spam.lists.conf to lower case fixed the problem and RBL checks are
> > happening again for me.
> >
> > My guess is that the following has something to do with this...
> >  > * Fixes *
> >  > - RBLs are converted to lower-case when read from MailScanner.conf.
> >
>Yes, i can confirm this, i upgraded and since that no matches were made on
>the Easynet lists i use, after changing to lowercase in the
>spam.lists.conf they are comming in again straight away.
>Julian, time for a quick fix i guess :))

Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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