Silently drop FORM tags

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed Jul 2 10:23:08 IST 2003

Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
>>However, I'm a bit loathed to spend much time on it, as we will soon reach
>>the situation where no-one warns senders of anything as all the viruses in
>>circulation fake From addresses.

See my disagreement on the other thread...

> Silent Viruses = Klez Yaha Bugbear Lentin Sobig Hybris Sircam Holar Ganda

I don't think Sircam forges does it?

Didn't think Hybris gave anything to send a warning to? Julian, what
does MailScanner use - the entry in Sender: in the reports? If that's
blank, does it do anything?

Wasn't aware of Holar or Ganda and what's Lentin?

I currently have (for Sophos)

Silent Viruses = Klez Yaha Bugbear Braid WinEvar Fizzer Palyh Sobig



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