Silently drop FORM tags

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 2 01:00:11 IST 2003


> >Can I silently deal with form tags just like IFrame tags by adding it to the
> >Silent Viruses?
> >
> >Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame HTML-Form
> Yes, that's exactly how to do it.
> Sorry, I forgot to add that to the docs for the "Silent Viruses" option.

Grin, i just noticed in the config also. :=)

> However, I'm a bit loathed to spend much time on it, as we will soon reach
> the situation where no-one warns senders of anything as all the viruses in
> circulation fake From addresses.

I have some others in my silent list i noticed, perhaps handy for others
to share:

Silent Viruses = Klez Yaha Bugbear Lentin Sobig Hybris Sircam Holar Ganda


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