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Wed Jul 2 00:55:24 IST 2003

At 23:33 01/07/2003, you wrote:
>Can I silently deal with form tags just like IFrame tags by adding it to the
>Silent Viruses?
>Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame HTML-Form

Yes, that's exactly how to do it.
Sorry, I forgot to add that to the docs for the "Silent Viruses" option.

The wording and functionality of the "Silent Viruses" option needs some work.
1) It needs to be renamed so it clearly includes special keywords like
2) It needs to be turned into a whitelist or a blacklist of some sort, as
there are ever diminishing reasons for actually bothering to warn the
senders of anything.

However, I'm a bit loathed to spend much time on it, as we will soon reach
the situation where no-one warns senders of anything as all the viruses in
circulation fake From addresses.
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