ANNOUNCE: Version 4.22-4 released

Mike Zanker mike at ZANKER.ORG
Wed Jul 2 07:28:07 IST 2003

On 02 July 2003 07:54 +0200 Evert Jan van Ramselaar
<evertjan at VANRAMSELAAR.NL> wrote:

> Hehe, good one! I forgot all about the changes I made to this file
> when deploying MailWatch. Nothing broken with upgrading MailScanner
> though, because:
> It did not touch the altered and added a
> like I think it should.

Yes, I though it would do this but didn't know what the outcome of
using the older, patched with 4.22 would be.

> I have not diffed the old and new files yet, so I do not know what the
> impact of using the "old" MailWatch version of is. So
> far so good, because both MailScanner and MailWatch are still working
> fine.

Good to know. 4.21-8 is working fine here so I'll hold off a bit
longer, just in case.


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