ANNOUNCE: Version 4.22-4 released

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 2 00:11:18 IST 2003


> - control over HTML forms in email messages, which have been used recently
> to try to extract passwords and credit card details from unwitting users.

Works fine:

The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:

    Sender: info at
IP Address:
 Recipient: m.xraax at bxaax-it.cox
   Subject: Nieuws 2 juli 2003
 MessageID: h61MuJVP031406
    Report: Found a form in HTML message

The only thing is that a LOT of mails contain them, legit ones :) So i
turned it back on on my boxes. ...

> - control over the maximum size of any message, so you can limit the size
> of messages for dial-up users for example.

Nice one!

Sop far running fine on two of my boxes, testing the FILE ruleset now...

Thanks again Julian!


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