Using HTML tags/code to obfuscate "bad" words

Ash ashley at IMS.TELSTRA.COM.AU
Tue Jul 1 03:25:32 IST 2003

fixed at my site by upgrading to SA v2.60 no other config changes applied


ISP List wrote:
> More and more I am seeing spammers use HTML codes to obfuscate 
> notoriously "bad" words so as to confuse/get by SpamAssassin and such.  
> For instance:
> <P align=center><FONT face=verdana><WT>Make your balls and 
> p<WHCI>e<C>n<YB>ís
> <ZUC>la<YNSX>r<ZYMI>g<XFL>er and get more satisfaction.<BR>
> Are others seeing this, and is there a rule in SpamAssassin I can tweak 
> to give situations like this more weight?
> Thanks.
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