Using HTML tags/code to obfuscate "bad" words

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue Jul 1 12:30:18 IST 2003

Ash wrote:
> ISP List wrote:
>> More and more I am seeing spammers use HTML codes to obfuscate 
>> notoriously "bad" words so as to confuse/get by SpamAssassin and 
>> such.  For instance:
>> <P align=center><FONT face=verdana><WT>Make your balls and 
>> p<WHCI>e<C>n<YB>ís
>> <ZUC>la<YNSX>r<ZYMI>g<XFL>er and get more satisfaction.<BR>
>> Are others seeing this, and is there a rule in SpamAssassin I can 
>> tweak to give situations like this more weight?
 > fixed at my site by upgrading to SA v2.60 no other config changes
 > applied

This is the first time I've noticed 2.60 being mentioned here - it 
sounds like a desirable upgrade. Any other guinea pigs tried it and not 
had problems? (The 2.x0 versions have disagreed with MS before now...!)



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