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Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Thu Jan 30 00:16:44 GMT 2003

We are a small wireless ISP and starting to host a few domains for some of
our custommers.  I want something that is easier for the end user and us to
run.  I don't like being the only one that knows how to add DNS records and
new domains to the raq.  Also, adding updates to the Raq not approved by
Cobalt seems risky at breaking the Gui.  The reason I am not running 4.x
yet.  I think the Cpanel ( is just a very advanced webmin
interface that runs on Linux.  Is there anything else out there that works
like the Cpanel or Raq GUI?

What would be really cool is if I could allow each domain decide by its
siteadmin's GUI interface which blacklists and so on they wanted to use.
Right now I just do this through and cannot turn it off per user
or domain.


> Is there a reason you want to run on a Cpanel box?  I recently migrated
> a client from a RaQ to a straight RH 7.3 box and it went very smoothly.
> Mike

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