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Thu Jan 30 09:58:03 GMT 2003

At 00:16 30/01/2003, you wrote:
>We are a small wireless ISP and starting to host a few domains for some of
>our custommers.  I want something that is easier for the end user and us to
>run.  I don't like being the only one that knows how to add DNS records and
>new domains to the raq.  Also, adding updates to the Raq not approved by
>Cobalt seems risky at breaking the Gui.  The reason I am not running 4.x
>yet.  I think the Cpanel ( is just a very advanced webmin
>interface that runs on Linux.  Is there anything else out there that works
>like the Cpanel or Raq GUI?
>What would be really cool is if I could allow each domain decide by its
>siteadmin's GUI interface which blacklists and so on they wanted to use.
>Right now I just do this through and cannot turn it off per user
>or domain.

You will get the "per domain or per user" control you want if you move to
version 4.
There is a webmin module on its way, there should be a new version out on
1st Feb.
Julian Field
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