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Wed Jan 29 10:45:44 GMT 2003

At 08:50 29/01/2003, you wrote:
>I just installed MS on a new system (running SuSe) and I noticed some
>"strange" things.
>I run MS as user mail but the cron.hourly that updates the anti-virus
>packages runs as user root. So the lock-files in /tmp have permissions
>644. I get the message "Cannot create /tmp/FProtBusy.lock, Permission
>denied" and it stops processing the queue. I had to manually change the
>permissions to 664 to have it working. Could "update.virus.scanners" be
>made to set these permissions.


>When I first started MS it found AntiVir installed and it started
>updating that. So I configured MS to also use AntiVir. Offcourse I got
>the message about codestatus. It appears that AntiVir is installed
>automatically with SuSe. Has anybody used it with MS? I would eventually
>like to test it myself but I don't want to run into problems with other
>packages if I change "Minimum Code Status" to unsupported.

The virus scanners are currently the only thing used by the "Code Status"
setting. There are a few people out there who use AntiVir, but I've only
heard from 5 or 6 people using it.

>I would like to test the new system by copying files from the quarantine
>directory on the production server to the queue directory on the test
>server. Is this a good way to test the new system?

As long as they are being quarantined as Queue Files then that should work
fine. Remember to set the ownership to mail.mail when you copy them into
the incoming queue, or nothing will happen.
Julian Field
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